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Welcome to the page of Tropical Rider's Wieger. Our sweetheart, handsome, performance, KFPS Ster stallion. Click on the page index below or scroll down.

STAR STALLION! Left 2 pics @ the 2013 KFPS keuring incl. the scores, right 2 pics with Anneke November '13, by Marjorie Walle.


Happy Spring, Happy Easter! Pics: our Star Stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger with Anneke in full Tropical Rider outfit. The Easter bunny delivered 2 gorgeous stud colts to Wieger! Find his offspring on the Herd/Sale Barn page (click).



Anneke's stallion's name is: Tropical Rider's Wieger!

Want a $$$ discount coupon on your next order from Wieger?

E-mail Tropical Rider's Wieger your name and contact information (click) and he will i-hoof you this special offer! See also Site Disclaimer.

Photo Shoots
Find various lovely photos on this page and the Photo Gallery page, including our own glam photos. Book a own photo shoot with our Friesians for any occasion: family, product promotion, glamour, commercial/promotional, wedding, holiday, princess, etc. or for photographers a photo shoot for your portfolio with our Rock Star Friesians (click here for the Herd page).
Think about our big herd of Friesians galloping through the country side. How about you all dressed up on or with a Friesian, or a pose by one of our Big'-80s-hair Friesian or video.
For customer photo sessions we can suggest two wonderful photographers or you can take photos yourself/bring in your own photographer. You may do the shoot at our farm, and for an additional travel fee we will consider outside locations.
A site/travel fee will apply for commercial/outside locations and rates depend on the occasion (family vs. commercial, open to potential co-operations). Additional regulations may apply to commercial shoots. E-mail us for details / inquiries.

Glam it up with our stud, Tropical Rider's Wieger, our ster gelding Meine with Big '80s hair or any of our other Friesians.

Photo ideas: Anneke in bridal outfit on Tropical Rider's Wieger at Castle Douglas in Rockwall TX, late February 2011 and during a January 2011 glamour session. Top photos by Sue Fulton, bottom photos by Lanna Grace/Anna Tate.


View the whole Anneke's Friesians herd on the Herd & Sale Barn page (click).

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Lessons / Meeting TR Wieger / Stallion Management
Tropical Rider's Wieger is gladly saddled up for visitors when they come for a farm visit or lesson, attend a social event, photo shoots or to meet Wieger specifically.
We LOVE stallions, because they are so handsome, powerful, have that special presence, are clever, nimble, and they bond with their handler, however, stallions need to be kept separate (i.e. more work, cost, and restrictions may apply at certain locations), the handler has to be in charge at all times (i.e., have an alpha leader in place), and although Friesian stallions have probably the best personalities of any stallion, some are just not suitable in terms of character and/or quality. Logistics and the stallion's qualities/personality need to therefore be taken into account when considering if one wants/needs to keep a stallion a stallion or wants to buy/own/keep/board one.
With young studs keep in mind that although they start out as cute foals, they will go through the 'terrible two's' no matter how well they are raised and act as youngsters. These formative years (usually between 1-1 1/2 and 3-4) are crucial for their future.
As an example our Tropical Rider's Wieger is a doll, however, he can nip as most all stallion standard do, and if other horses are right close at liberty without physical distance, World-War-III hormones will erupt (although he is fine in a closed stall next to other horses as well as riding up close even with mares-in-heat; then he is on the job). Also, if an inexperienced rider bounces in the saddle he will not respond well.
On the other hand, with his separate set-up one never notices this and he is so well trained/exposed by Anneke, kind and professional on the job, and so trainable that he is harmless with us and is allowed places many stallions are not.
Learn more at our Friesian Clinics Raising, Training & Showing the Friesian (click). To read all about lessons and visits click here for the Lesson page. Return to top of the page.
  • Public name: Tropical Rider's Wieger.
  • Registered name: Zeade R.S.
  • Purebred Dutch KFPS/FHANA Friesian Ster stallion.
  • Stam 2.
  • Born April 2007.
  • Teade 392 sport x ster Rypke 321 x Obe 314 x Bendert 281.
  • 2nd premie res. champion as a foal, STER stallion October 2013.
  • 16.1 1/4 hands/1.66m.
  • Thick mane below his shoulder, thick and long tail, heavy feathering.
  • Appealing and correct conformation; solid, long, baroque (Rypke) legs; copious hair; chiseled, small face; smiling eyes; manly with testosterone yet elegant; very breed typical; small tippy ears. Good walk, knee action with reach, ground covering trot, superb 3-beat canter, potent semen.
  • Excellent personality: loving, friendly, intelligent, proud, attentive, and calm.
  • Saddle trained by Anneke; flag trained, trail rides, traffic trained, goes on outings & parades, rides with mares, desensitized, dressage training.
  • He passes his wonderful features on to his offspring along with lots of height and improvement on average mares.
  • Special thanks to Coral Gwyn-Williams of Tropical Rider.
  • New 2013 linear scores 7.5, 7.5, 6, 7, 7 with terrific development in gait for Star predicate Oct 2013 (6 1/2 y.o.) posted below next to the 2011 (4 1/2 y.o.) scores. We are happy his legs are considered too baroque. Long and thick. We love it.
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Photo Gallery

Summer & fall 2007.

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Summer 2009.

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Photo series above from late May 2010 by Julee Kula of Wind Spirit Friesians.

Fall & late 2010. We are happy to see him mature late and took it easy with him this year.

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Photos above of Anneke with Tropical Rider's Wieger by Anna Tate, late January 2011.

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The prince is resting, 1/31/11.

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Also see the February 2011 bridal photos at the top of this page.

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Sulphur Springs TX Dairy Parade, June 11, 2011 with our new Black Magic Frisian-flag outfits. Anneke & Tropical Rider's Wieger: blonde with sunglasses, plus an after-parade photo.

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One of our 4th of July 2011 parades on a steamy hot Texas day, here in Winnsboro TX. We even made the local newspaper. We participate in local parades often.

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View Wieger in our Tropical Rider modeling photos by clicking here.

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Anneke and Tropical Rider's Wieger at the side-saddle clinic by Texas Ladies Aside on October 29, 2011. Wieger's first time and we right away did walk, trot, AND canter. Fun! Read more about side saddle on our Facebook account (public album under 'Anneke van den IJssel').

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We offer full service on-site breeding/boarding for owners of approved (by us), purebred, registered KFPS Friesian mares should this be a good choice for you and after full information by us on your breeding options. Sorry, no crossbreeding, and shipped semen only for approved customers. E-mail us for details, questions, breeding input, to schedule a visit to meet Tropical Rider's Wieger or for booking requests.
We are selective, responsible, and are not a puppy mill for profit, therefore, in his lifetime so far, Wieger has only bred five mares. This has resulted in three daughters and this year two gorgeous stud colts. Not just is Wieger fertile, he has improved on the dams, and has gotten older/maiden mares and tough breeders pregnant with ease. He also produces quality with pretty faces, thick hair, shapely & correct conformation, lots of height, elegance with long legs, freedom in movement, and a great personality.
View his purebred Friesian offspring with KFPS B-book paper (some for sale) on the Herd & Sale barn page (click).
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Tropical Rider
For several years we heard about Tropical Rider and saw their ads but had not investigated it. Our paths crossed and we are delighted to be supporters of and models for Tropical Rider with a new name for our stallion Wieger: Tropical Rider's Wieger, with Tropical Rider as Wieger's official sponsor.
We work together not just because Wieger has longstanding, close ties with Tropical Rider but also because Tropical Rider's summer & winter equestrian/dressage clothing is:
  • proven to be a favorite of the Friesian & dressage community;
  • made from top-of-the-line materials for all weather types;
  • superbly comfortable;
  • made to fit and if needed to order;
  • and gives you long-lasting quality making you look good and feel great time and again.
We can personally attest to this with our TR wardrobe; both from personal experience and from the many unbiased accounts from Friesian friends we have heard over the years. Great customer service too!
We thank Tropical Rider for supporting us and wholeheartedly promote their products: at our farm, at events, through our clinics, and with a special $25 or 10% gift certificate for those who request the certificates either in person or by e-mail in exchange for their contact information.
View our modeling photos by clicking on this link. Visit the TR website at

Anneke's stallion's name is: Tropical Rider's Wieger!

Want a $$$ discount coupon on your next order from Wieger?

E-mail Tropical Rider's Wieger your name and contact information (click) and he will i-hoof you this special offer!

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