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Anneke with her stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger.

Ride a Friesian at our farm.

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Equine art, Apparel and Gifts of the Romantic Breeds by Dianne Diakowicz.

What Friesian is the right one? When shopping for a Friesian--especially when unfamiliar with the breed--build up reference material by sample riding several of ours. For more info visit the Lesson & Visit pageor e-mail us.

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We take our Friesians to Liefie Li Vine restaurant in historic Winnsboro TX.

South African cuisine, Texas wine, gifts. Our favorite place to eat with an apple for the horses!

Anneke is the provider of the simultaneous translation in English at the annual KFPS Stallion Show in Leeuwarden.

We have a hefty archive of 33 KFPS years of private Friesian photos, a selection of which is shared here to give an impression of what we enjoy. More is gladly shared at our farm during visits or workshops. Click on the page index below or scroll down the page. Photo header: Anneke on our sale gelding Rudy, saddle trained by Anneke.



Photo Shoots

For your own photo shoot with our Friesians visit the page for Tropical Rider's Wieger (click).


2011 glamour shots of Anneke with our stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger. You can book your own glamour photo session with him or any of our Rock Star Friesians, perhaps for your portfolio as a photographer. Visit the Stallion page for more details. Top photos by Sue Fulton, bottom photos by Lanna Grace/Anna Tate.

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2010 Black Magic/Sjoerd Meekma Keuring Prep clinic at Castle Douglas.

Top: Sjoerd in light-blue shirt, Charlotte in red, Anneke in black, with guests and prize winners. Bottom: Anneke with her sale geldings (now sold) Rudy (left, see also photo header of this page) and Jordan (right three). Photos by Gail Finger (see ad in left margin).

Click here for our 2014 Workshop Series.

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Dress-Up & Outings

For more Dress-Up visit the Black Magic page (click).


We enjoy playing dress-up & going to parades, rodeo promo ops, and events either on our own or on client horses. We can be hired for public events.

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As part of our training program we show client, sale, and our personal Friesians.

Left: Anneke and sold, imported ster sale gelding Hessel. Center: Anneke with our stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger. Right: Anneke with the 2013 dressage ribbons won spring 2013 with a client Friesian.

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Tropical Rider

Visit the Tropical Rider (click) and Tropical Rider's Wieger (click) pages.


Click on the logo or here for our Tropical Rider info, special Anneke's Friesians' shopping offer, and modeling photos of Anneke with Tropical Rider's Wieger.

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Side Saddle


Anneke and Tropical Rider's Wieger at the October 2011 side-saddle clinic by Texas Ladies Aside. Wieger's first time and we right away did walk, trot, AND canter. Fun! Read more about side saddle on our Facebook account (public album under 'Anneke van den IJssel').

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Stallion Show

We are the KFPS interpreters at the annual KFPS Stallion Show, live and online.

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For your own visit to our farm visit the Lessons & Training page (click).


We love putting a smile on people's faces by sharing our horses with others. Here on the left Carina is riding our gelding Remco and Anneke is riding our mare Sanne in the 2011 Annual Rockwall County Sheriff's Posse Charity Trail Ride. Visit the Lesson page for your opportunity to come ride. More photos to follow.

Our sale horse Maggie with a very young and novice, English student. What a great pair!

Labor Day weekend 2011: our mare Margriet with Anneke giving mini lessons.

Meine v.d. Slothoeve in the petting pen at the 11/18/11 Handi-Capable rodeo, part of the UPRA rodeo finals in Sulphur Springs TX. Visit Meine's Ministry (click).

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For more info on our unique Training services visit the Lesson & Boarding page (click).


We train age appropriate, specialized in Friesian horses, no rush jobs, no rocket science but rather common sense with proper English riding, geared to the individual horse with a unique program that includes: arena, open spaces, trail, traffic, outings, obstacles, dairy visits, events, show, desensitization, and more.

We have trained a bunch of outside Friesians. Contact us if you need your Friesian trained or refreshed.

Anneke and then 3 y.o. client horse Zwarte spring 2010. Left just a couple of weeks under saddle in the rain in the arena. Right first trail outing with 1 1/2 months of saddle training by Anneke. See also the photo in the header of training/sold sale horse Rudy summer 2010, then newly saddle trained by Anneke.

4 y.o. mare Mynke, here 3 mos. under saddle by Anneke with Anneke at the Equine Expo in Ft. Worth before and during the Friesian demo.

Anneke with imported, sold sale gelding Luca, then 3 y.o., 2 months under saddle, just 1 week out of quarantine from his overseas trip and straight with Anneke to the Equine Expo of Texas in Ft. Worth.

One of Anneke's favorite, personal sale horses Rudy, trained by Anneke, here at a 4th of July 2010 outing in Rockwall TX.

Margriet (click for her page) warming up at an event with Anneke, some 5 months under saddle.

Unique is our combo of traffic, event, show, and trail training. Left and middle Anneke with a client horse May 2013 in historic Winnsboro TX. Right Anneke summer '13 with some of the dressage ribbons won that year with the same client horse in training, photo by Marjorie Walle Photography.


Daily training includes leading with only a lead rope around the neck and/or pointing to where to go (Friesians are super smart and know the drill), the horses circle around running farm equipment (like here with a running tractor and squeezing through) to see what's going on, collecting trash roadside, etc.

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Facility photos in progress:

The entrance gates.

Bareback Bridleless


March 2011, Anneke & Sanne riding bareback-bridleless with the Frisian flag in walk, trot, canter. We used to do this often together but it's been a long time for her now yet she remembers everything! We even performed downtown Chicago quite a few years ago.

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We do our own breeding, mare care, foaling, raising & training and we educate on that. Here Tymon van den IJssel at one week old (3/28/14) with Anneke.


Pitch Fork Hall of Fame

Thank you for all the pictures, friendship & entertainment, Kirk!

A fun way of thanking special visitors who 'pitch(ed) in' for their contributions.

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Something we also have always enjoyed is jumping. Anneke jumped jumps similar to this with her first Friesian but we do not have any photos of it. This is Anneke with a warmblood in Germany. Trot poles and jumps are a great training aid at the right stage and age and we will put various natural jumps up in one of our pastures this spring as part of our property upgrades.

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Above: our stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger going Star fall 2013. More photos to follow.

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We have attended many rodeo Grand Entries over the years. It makes for great horse training and a fun outing. For now these two from March 2014 in Sulphur Springs, left with Rudy, right with Meine.


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The Olden Days


Visit our Friesian Love page (click here) for photos.

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