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On this page we share with you our ca. 15 KFPS Friesian horses, turn-key horses, respectful, super personable, our family friends, most all for sale, and part of our lesson/training/promo/events/camp program; maybe one will be YOUR Friesian! We HIGHLIGHT boarded client horses as they are the priority, and at the bottom of the page find links to outside listings we place for trusted partners.
We are slowly catching up on loading recent photos of events and candid shots with visitors (so many to load, so little time); be sure to check back. Soon the horses will have their new summer coat for new photo sessions. Videos are of a later concern due to lack of time but it is on the schedule. Meanwhile the photos below give a great representation along with honest info. Please note: all horses are well-kept pasture horses and are not as clean on a daily basis as in the photos.
Part of the Friesians' training is our 'treasure chest' of toys & activities, such as traffic work, farm equipment, gun practice, fireworks, tarps, flags, etc. Check out the Photo Gallery Page for an impression of what we do in addition to the photos below.
We'd love for all of them to stay as we work together like a well-oiled machine but this is not to be a museum. We have put much into these horses and hope someone else may benefit from this effort. Finally in 2014, we are getting to properly advertising our own herd. If they don't sell we have everything we could have ever wanted and more. Scroll down the page or click on the page index.
Yes, we accept payment plans on our own horses, even credit cards through PayPal. Certain restrictions apply.
Page Index:
  1. Dutch
  2. Jelle
  3. Margriet
  4. Meibloem
  5. Meine
  6. Monique
  7. Odessa
  8. Ouke
  9. Remco
  10. Rudy
  11. Sanne
  12. Sybren
  13. Tropical Rider's Wieger
  14. Tymon & bro
  15. Weidebloem
  16. Outside Listings
1. Special Gelding Feature: Dutch. Athletic, Statuesque, Baroque, IMPORTED GELDING, trail, dressage, jumps, harness imported, baroque, super shape, very handsome with poise, big 'emerald' eyes, 2001, stam 110, Fetse 349 sport x Gerlof 294 x Peke 268 x Mark 232 pref with good paper (stb x ster x ster x ster x ster x mp) gelding, 3.51% i.c., tall (16.1 hands, looks taller with his stature), heavy-feathered baroque sport boy with kindness, stamina, and skill. Came across the atlantic in 2009, now for sale for his current owner due to college education. This treasured family friend does dressage, JUMPS wonderfully in eventing, goes on trail, and also was driven single, team, 4-in-hand in harness in Holland. Simple in upkeep. Great in herd setting. We know his previous owner in Friesland and he got a thumbs up from them at the stallion show when I saw them there in January. KFPS/FHANA registered.

His dressage tack can be part of the sale. More photos available by e-mail. $18.9K asking. Offers welcome.

 E-mail us at or


All the horses on this page have had their 2014 vaccinations, Q1 fecals (worm/sand analysis), and 2014 Coggins. Annual dentals are scheduled for April. All horses go barefoot. We only put on shoes for the keurings. We lead 'm with a rope around their neck, walk behind them while eating; they are lovebugs.

Our Friesians are consistently healthy & happy. Learn how easy Friesians are to care for & work with, see Farm Visits & 2014 Workshop Series.

Our horses learn to travel well, travel with tack if needed, and stand tied to the trailer on outings.

All prices are firm unless otherwise mentioned.

We take our time for visitors with in-depth breed consultation, visitor packet, and generous ride time/instruction, therefore, a very modest visiting fee applies ($25 p.p. for 3 hours, $50 p.p. for  a.m. or p.m., $100 p.p. for a full day early to late including overnight at our farm) for commitment on both sides, which is fully deductible from the sale price should you buy. If no sale is made you will be a very informed shopper for your next shopping trip elsewhere.


2. Jelle
Jelle (registered name: Jelmer, born February 26, 2003) came to us in 2010. He is a statuesque, 16.1 1/2 hands, imported gelding, stam 19, Marten 377 sport x Teunis 332 pref x Doeke 287 x Wessel 237 pref, with a beautiful, baroque, solid presence, long legs, looking even taller than he is, and is loving and powerful. His massive tail that keeps on growing and continuously needs a bob stands out. We feel something went really wrong in his early-on/past training with 'cowboy' work. With all due respect to cowboys and 'German dressage trainers' alike, the rough/hard method doesn't work on a Friesian. He is a great friend, herd horse, general riding horse but we are just now getting to a point of really putting him to full work and we look forward to the continued journey. He thinks dewormer is a treat! Uncle Jelmer is a buddy to all, including young foals. $19K. KFPS/FHANA registered. USDF Horse Identification Number. For inquiries e-mail  

Arena work.



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3. Margriet
Margriet (registered name: Maggie, born April 23, 2004) came to us in 2010 through the tip of a friend. She wouldn't sell, even cheap, because she was untrained. Meanwhile she is a great go-to horse with tons of hair and big eyes, which makes her even more adorable. Maggie is beautiful, breed typical, baroque, very kind, easygoing, 2nd premie as a filly, in 2009 Stb mare, even keel and mild tempered, but also talented, soft, smart & perceptive, forward under saddle for dressage, superb on trail with lots of stamina. Stam 49, Feitse 293 pref x Bendert 281 x Ids 300 x Tsjalling 235 pref w/ mare line stb x ster x ster pref8 x ster, 15.2 hands. We use her often on trail to guide visitors. She's easy to get on and off to open gates due to her handy size, yet Anneke at 5'8" looks great on her, see photos. Stamina and agility, great on outings, including parades. Good with children and therapeutic-style rides. She just gave birth to her first foal on 3/21/14; a gorgeous stud colt with amazing personality and conformation & gait by our Star stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger. The quality of the foal is terrific and we do not look to sell either one at this time, so it would have to be a private deal at this time to part with them. Maggie will be bred back to Wieger this spring.

Mane to her shoulder (way longer now than in these photos) & thick tail & feathers. Parade, trail, outings, lessons, great guest & kid horse, arena work, mom-to-be April 2, 2014 .



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4. Meibloem
Two y.o. filly Meibloem van den IJssel (born May 10, 2012) already stands at 15.1h., is from stam 111 out of our mare Weidebloem (Feike 395 x Anne 340) and our Star Teade x Rypke stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger, mare line stb x stb x ster x ster, and is our 2nd purebred, KFPS B-book offspring.
Wieger produced quality with Meibloem: pretty & small face, jet black, thick hair, shapely & correct, strong conformation, lots of height, elegance, leggy, movement, super intelligent, sparkly smart, and a great personality.
In youngster training, ties, trims, trailers, etc. and we can already sit on her. Later this year we will start on light long lining and lungeing with tack for simple basics. $12K. For inquiries e-mail

Tall 2 y.o. Leads, ties, trailers, trim/dental & care, ground manners, we sit on her.



Meibloem in the front, late fall 2013.


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5. Meine
Meine v.d. Slothoeve (born April 18, 2004) was imported by Anneke's Friesians in 2007 and moved to be with us in Texas fall 2011. A real fairy tale Friesian that always impresses. He is a full papered, BIG 1st premie Ster gelding (ster from the KFPS stallion selection), 16.3 hands tall, stam 133, Olof 315 Sport x Nammen 308 x Reitse 272 sport pref x Oege 267 pref, mare line ster x ster x ster pref8 x ster, with beautiful hair, feathers, heavy tail, and Rock Star presence with his mane & forelock to the nose with his tippy ears peeking through. A showy sport boy under saddle with big movement. When we got him he had only done arena work and had never been in a herd setting. He is now 'Uncle Meine,' great with all including foals and he loves going to outings to show off. He has turned into one of our primary lesson/guest horses, does parades, traffic outings, trail, rodeo outings, and expo events. His first dressage show is coming up. He is respectful and kind even with all his power and big 'ride.' He was declared fully healed by surgeon and insurance company (100% coverage) of a double tenotomy in the front, back when he was on the East Coast in 2008. Of course nobody wanted him after that when he came up for sale in 2011 so we gladly purchased him. Best decision ever. Since we have had him (some 2 1/2 years now) he no longer wears shoes and is sound as a whistle. He loves water crossings and mud puddles. Price: $24K. KFPS/FHANA registered. Here are four older clip links. from 2007 at age 3 when Anneke spotted him in Holland. from fall 2010, from  spring 2009, and also from fall 2010. New footage asap this year. For inquiries e-mail

Parades, a favorite lesson/guest horse, trail, rodeo outings, expos, arena work, events, traffic.


Meine v.d. Slothoeve.

Pics l.t.r: in Holland spotted by Anneke, after import, at the Handicapble rodeo as a petting horse SS 2012, at EquiFest 2013 w/ guest rider, at December 2013 Winnsboro Xmas parade with Anneke, March '14 at SS rodeo with Anneke. See YouTube clip links above.


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6. Monique
Two year old Monique van den IJssel (born on March 17, 2012) already stands at 15.1h., is our first purebred KFPS B-book filly out of our Star stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger and our mare Sanne B, stam 111, mare line stb x ster x ster x ster. She is nice! Laid back is a great description. Small, tippy ears, a small face with bright eyes, square on her legs, awesome hair, strong conformation with long legs, big reach in movement, friendly, laid back, polite, healthy, and doing great in foal training: trimming, ties, brushing, halter/leading, trailer loading, playing with the dog and chickens, visitors, desensitizing, etc. We can already sit on her. Later in the year we will start light long lining and lungeing work with tack for the basics. $12K. For inquiries e-mail

Tall 2 y.o. Leads, ties, trailers, trim/dental & care, ground manners, we sit on her.



Monique in the back, late fall 2013.


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7. Odessa
Odessa Regina (born February 16, 2004) came to us fall 2011. We had known about her for a few years. She was at first very stand-offish, had not done much, and had never been in a herd, but she is now a loving family member that is a great farm partner, very polite in a herd setting. Odessa is a beautiful 2nd premie Ster mare, 16 hands/1.63m tall although she looks taller with her vertical neck set, stam 2, Wander 352 x Leffert 306 pref x Reitse 272 sport pref x Oepke 266, with a strong paper (1 shy of full), mare line ster x stb x ster x ster pref4, uphill & proud conformation, and great showboat presence. She is trained under saddle, trail rides, and does parades. As showboaty as she is at outside events, as kind she is with kids in the arena and visitors on trail. She is a maiden mare and will be bred to our star stallion this spring to get her kitchen going and will then be bred to approved stallions. She was treated for an eye injury, which left a spot in her right eye but it didn't change her in function or personality at all. In fact, her parade/visitor/trail activity started after the eye injury. $24K open, half off breeding fee to Wieger with purchase. We have 2 parade clips available of her first parade ever (with Anneke riding), one year after her eye injury, December '12 in Winnsboro TX, on YouTube with links: and KFPS/FHANA registered. For inquiries e-mail

Parade showboat, trail, arena, great guest/kid horse.


Odessa Regina. Left at her Star keuring in 2008, right at the local Winnsboro Christmas parade, posing afterwards with the local Business Woman of the Year. 2 parade clips available on YouTube, see links above.


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8. Ouke
Ouke (born April 24, 2004) is a 2004, stam 8, ster gelding that was a 1st premie stud colt, went ster stallion at age 3, and was gelded a couple years later. His Star linear scores were 7, 6.5, 7, 6.5, and 7. We have known him since birth and were excited to acquire him in 2012. He is from strong stam 8 and his dam is 1 shy of preferent, which would make his paper a full paper with all preferent mares in the mare line. Sired by Wicher 334 x Leffert 306 pref x Wypke 277 x Wessel 237 pref., mare line stb x ster pref5, x model pref4 x ster pref9, standing at 16 hands/1.63m. He has won many ribbons in the show ring both at lower level dressage and especially in harness with marathon: obstacles, cones, and dressage driving; single, pair, and team. He came up for sale, because he was ready to move on as fully trained. We bought him for driving, although to be honest we still didn't get to that. We have been using him for arena, trail and with guest riders. He has a strong coupled body with copious mane and a stallion neck, which makes him baroque looking. His small white star is accepted and noted on his paper. $24K. KFPS/FHANA registered. For inquiries e-mail

Trail rides, lesson/guest horse, drives single/pair/team/marathon, lower-level dressage shows.


Ouke posing, with a guest rider on the phone, and during the year he made Star.


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9. Remco
Remco Warner van den IJssel (born April 9, 2005) is one of those last old-style horses; great in movement, but too 'draftsy in conformation, which visitors love but won't make him star. Thick feathers, lots of body, relatively shorter/thicker legs, long mane, thick tail. He's our 2005, 16 hands/1.63m Stb gelding, stam 111, Jorrit 363 x Anne 340 Sport x Lammert 260 pref x Ritske 202 pref, mare line stb x ster x ster x ster, out of our mare Sanne, 2005 2nd premie champion colt. He is big bodied with good hair and thick feathers and the cutest look in his eyes when he begs. Always looks up and comes by calling him 'PamPam.' We watched & taped him being born. Remco has turned into a great guest and leisure horse . He is forward, kind, great with kids, comfy to ride, easy to sit, trail rides, does parades, and has attended various events. People note how smooth he rides. A fun boy and a real character. Trained by Anneke. $24K. KFPS/FHANA registered. Lifetime USEF Horse Recording Certificate. For inquiries e-mail

Baroque with lots of hair (more than in the photos). Parades, trail, expos & event outings, arena work, guest/kids horse.


Remco Warner van den IJssel.


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10. Rudy
Rudy (born May 10, 2005) has always been a joy to ride even when he barely knew anything. We have known him since his weanling year up north. He stands at 16 hands/1.63m, is from small stam 100, sired by Wicher son Rintse 386 x Ludse 305 x Frans 289 x Hearke 254 sport pref. He is our go-to horse for everything. So much fun to ride and so much experience.

Sired by Wicher son Rintse 386 x Ludse 305 x Frans 289 x Hearke 254 sport pref, , mare line stb x stb x ster pref4 x ster, stam 100. A handsome 9 year old gelding with lovely conformation and hair, one of our main lesson & guest horses, 16 hands/1.63m, here in the pics just started under saddle by Anneke (5'8" for comparison) out to events with guest riders, expos, clinics, trail , traffic, rodeo grand entries, and parades, and scoring top ribbons in his first dressage season last year through 1st level.

We now have a video available with YouTube link of Rudy's first time showing with a guest rider doing 1st level test 2 in March 2014. 

Sporty, stamina, super flexible, steady headset, 3-beat rocking horse canter, beauty, easy to move forward, respectful and a great mind. Show ring ribbon winner. We can tell you all about him from weanling to present. $25K. KFPS/FHANA registered. For inquiries e-mail


Ribbon winner through 1st level with scores from mid 60s to lower 70s, traffic, trail, parades, rodeo, expos, primary lesson/guest horse. Our go-to-horse.

Picture above left Rudy & Anneke fall 2013, right March '14 at SS rodeo w/ Anneke.

March 2014 show pics shortly. 1st level video with guest rider 3/22/14:

Rudy at past dress-up outings.


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11. Sanne
Sanne B. (born March 19, 1997) is our first Friesian, imported from our home town in Holland as a weanling back in 1997, 16.1 hands/1.65m, stam 111, Anne 340 Sport x Lammert 260 pref x Ritske 202 pref x Brecht 302 pref,  Stb mare, mare line ster x ster x ster x stub. We rode her mom and grandmother as a kid (see the Friesian Love page, click). This mare has been there, done that, from big-city parades to trail, bareback, bridleless, the works. A great beginner horse and perfect for children, that is voice command. So easy to sit, smooth, and quiet. Also fully trained by Anneke. She is the mom of Remco, Weidebloem, and Monique. Her own page is still somewhere on the internet and will be back at some point as part of our site overhaul. She has a home for life and is gently aging so she is not for sale but makes for a great beginner/children's ride. She looks fabulous at now 17 years old. Not for sale. KFPS/FHANA registered.

Kind & quiet for kids and beginners from years of parades, events, trail, traffic, bareback/bridless.


Sanne B. Home for life. Not for sale.


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12. Sybren
Sybren fan Icon (born May 17, 2005) is special to us. We have known him since birth. We got him early 2012 as our birthday gift to ourselves as a stand-off, nervous nelly that had never been anywhere but felt confident about him and sure enough, he's Mr. Loverboy and we put him to good use all the time. An elegant 2005, full papered 2nd premie Ster/champion gelding at the 2011 KFPS keuring. Because he is more modern you at first don't realize how tall he is until you get up closer: 1.68m, 16.2 hands with long legs, amazing power from behind with rise in the front (you can see him 'sit' in the left photo below), from stam 100, Teade 392 sport x Yk 339 x Feitse 293 pref x Oege 267 pref, mare line ster x ster x model pref4 x ster pref7. He made star with linear scores 7, 6.5, 7, 7, 7. He is loving, follows everyone like a puppy dog, responsive, super talented, good stamina. We do parades, traffic, trail, event expos, arena, play time, and rodeo grand entries. Trained by Anneke, with a little driving training in the past. $24K. KFPS/FHANA registered. For inquiries e-mail

Parades, rodeo outings, traffic, trail, events/expos, dressage talent in the arena, one of our main lesson horses.



Pics frm l.t.r.: Expo Feb 2013 with guest rider, summer with guest rider, then 2 pics early 2013 with Anneke @ Sulphur Springs rodeo opening and four fun pics of Anneke messing around.


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13. Tropical Rider's Wieger
Tropical Rider's Wieger (registered name Zeade R.S., born April 22, 2007) is our stunning 2007, 16.1 1/4 hands/1.66m, stam 2, Teade 392 sport x Rypke 321 x Obe 314 x Bendert 281 STAR stallion, 2nd premie reserve champion as a colt, Star gelding with wonderful linear scores fall 2013 of 7.5, 7.5, 6 (6.5 in his first scoring, long legs but too baroque in definition), 7, 7. He is well rounded, trained by Anneke (trail, traffic, parades, arena, events, rodeo outings, flag riding) and is easy to work with, HOWEVER, if you bounce on him he will not take kindly to it but most people have ridden him with ease. He is loved by many not surprisingly with his handsome looks, manly power and agility, and of course that famous thick, long hair. Don't forget about his magnificent canter and lead switches.
Click here to visit the page for Tropical Rider's Wieger. Wieger has two purebred KFPS foals due this spring. He is not for sale but is standing at stud to approved, purebred Friesian mares should KFPS B-book be an option for you. KFPS/FHANA registered (foalbook Ster stallion).

Parades, traffic, trail, arena work, lessons, expos, outings, flag riding, rodeo outings. Stands at stud to approved Friesian mares.


Star Stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger.

Standing at stud to approved Friesian mares, go to his own page for more info.


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14. Tymon & bro. 2014 stud colt Tymon van den IJssel was born on 3/21/14 out of our mare Maggie, sired by our Star stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger, KFPS B-book paper. We slept in the barn and helped birth him. The miracle of life. He has a super personality, long legs, hair, pretty & small face with big eyes and tippy ears, strong in conformation with a good shoulder, strong back, nice croup and hamstring, good proportions of 1:1:1. Not for sale currently, HOWEVER, his 2014 3/4 brother also sired by Wieger and out of Maggie's half sister (stam 49 Feike x Bendert x Ids x Tsjalling) IS for sale. For inquiries e-mail

Friendly, smart, cooperative & super nice!

Tymon van den IJssel, here one week old with Anneke. His 2014 brother (born 4/1/14) is for sale! E-mail for inquiries.


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15. Weidebloem
Weidebloem van den IJssel (born May 3, 2007) is our 2007, 15.3 hands mare out of Sanne B., stam 111, Feike 395 x Anne 340 Sport x Lammert 260 pref x Ritske 202 pref, mare line stb x ster x ster x ster, 2nd premie as a filly, finally going to her own keuring this year. Anneke saddle broke her spring 2011. She is forward, smooth gaits, flexible, a quick study, and incredibly sport talented but also quite spirited so great for more experienced riders and really easy to work with and an honest horse. We enjoy her much and will be developing her sport ability to get her keuring ready. We ride in the arena and large conditioning pasture, as well as trail. Great producer; her 2012 daughter Meibloem out of our Star stallion Wieger is lovely. She will be worked for keuring presentation fall 2014. $24K. Can be bred to our Star stallion at reduced rate with purchase. She was treated for an eye injury, which left a spot in her left eye but it didn't change her in function or personality at all. KFPS/FHANA registered. Lifetime USEF Horse Recording Certificate. For inquiries e-mail

Arena work, great mom, trail.


Weidebloem van den IJssel. Adult photos to follow. About time!


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Outside Listings by trusted partners.
(Photo header: Anneke with her Star stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger.)
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