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Affordable, often even FREE. Some restrictions apply.
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Ride a Friesian at our farm!

Join us.

Browse the DVD, Gift & Tack Shop.

Equine art, Apparel and Gifts of the Romantic Breeds by Dianne Diakowicz.

Free barn cats & kittens

from Sulphur Springs TX Animal Control. Free adoption. Donations so much appreciated.

Call (903) 438-9369.

Anneke with her stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger.

Fit, Style, Comfort, and Durability for The freedom to move.

Truck plates for our Dodge truck from:

Sulphur Springs Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

Favorite dealership where we bought and service our truck.

Superior Equine Grooming Products ... Since 1938!

Nationwide roadside & trailering assistance, 1-800-844-1409,

We take our Friesians to Liefie Li Vine restaurant in historic Winnsboro TX.

South African cuisine, Texas wine, gifts. Our favorite place to eat with an apple for the horses!

El Sueno Espanol: top quality keuring and baroque tack.

Special discount for members of Anneke's Friesians!

What Friesian is the right one? When shopping for a Friesian--especially when unfamiliar with the breed--build up reference material by sample riding several of ours. For more info visit the Lesson & Visit pageor e-mail us.

Anneke is the provider of the simultaneous translation in English at the annual KFPS Stallion Show in Leeuwarden.




Click here for the Friesian Herd page for our sale Friesians and scroll down for the outside stallion listings.

What Friesian is the right one? When shopping for a Friesian--especially when unfamiliar with the breed--build up reference material by sample riding several of ours. They are all different ages, genders, personalities, ride styles, and training, yet so homogenously KFPS Friesian. No matter what you end up doing; the goal is that you can become an informed shopper here with the ultimate sample platter. For more info visit the Lesson & Visit page, check out our horses on the Herd page or e-mail us.

Special feature: our stam 2, Teade x Rypke STAR stallion's 4 y.o./born late 2010 full brother is for sale! Located in CA. Great ground manners but not yet trained. Asking $15K. Short-term payments possible.

 More pictures, footage, details available by e-mail,  

2S. 2010, young 4 y.o. stallion (4 in July) sired by former champion Mintse 384 Sport out of a star mare in California. Their selection constantly changes but they usually have some young, quality stallions available. E-mail for details.


3S. Our KFPS Star Teade x Rypke stallion stands at stud to approved Friesian mares should B-book be an option for you. Read about it on his own page by clicking here.


(Photo header: our Star stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger at age 3 in May 2010.)



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