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Ride a Friesian at our farm!

Join us.

Free barn cats & kittens

from Sulphur Springs TX Animal Control. Free adoption. Donations so much appreciated.

Call (903) 438-9369.

Browse the DVD, Gift & Tack Shop.

Want to exchange a link, advertise, put your banner in our arena or have us include your info in our visitor packages?

Affordable, often even FREE. Some restrictions apply.
E-mail/click for inquiries.

Nationwide roadside & trailering assistance, 1-800-844-1409, USRider.org.


Truck plates for our Dodge truck from:

Sulphur Springs Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

Favorite dealership where we bought and service our truck.

Equine art, Apparel and Gifts of the Romantic Breeds by Dianne Diakowicz. customdesignart@aol.com.

Fit, Style, Comfort, and Durability for The freedom to move.

We take our Friesians to Liefie Li Vine restaurant in historic Winnsboro TX.

South African cuisine, Texas wine, gifts. Our favorite place to eat with an apple for the horses!

Superior Equine Grooming Products ... Since 1938!

Anneke with her stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger.

El Sueno Espanol: top quality keuring and baroque tack.

Special discount for members of Anneke's Friesians!

What Friesian is the right one? When shopping for a Friesian--especially when unfamiliar with the breed--build up reference material by sample riding several of ours. For more info visit the Lesson & Visit pageor e-mail us.

Anneke is the provider of the simultaneous translation in English at the annual KFPS Stallion Show in Leeuwarden.

''t Hinnehok' is Fries for 'the chicken coop'. The chickens represent for us what most everyone enjoys; small farming, country life, life with horses, and the fuzzy-warm image of having coffee on the deck overlooking the fruits of one's labor.

Scroll down or use the index below. With this page we hope to inspire to live the country dream and we also share our love for Texas here. 

We have various future ag and Fri(e)sian-inspired projects completed and on the stove and gladly talk about how to pursue one's country dream at one of our clinics or during visits to our farm.  




't Hinnehok

Although one can buy chick(en)s, other fowl/poultry, and barn-yard animals anywhere such as farmers' markets, breeders, and close to Easter at Tractor Supply, we got hooked on www.McMurrayHatchery.com in Iowa for stocking the coop. We also enjoy the spring and fall selection of feathered friends at Atwoods' Ranch & Home store, and another great source for barnyard animals, pets, and home decor/'stuff' in our area is the monthly Canton market.

McMurray offers and ships an amazing variety of poultry and related supplies. The birds are of tremendous quality. We like their Special Assorted Bargain package; affordable and a great surprise every time. Do make sure one has room and a plan for the many roosters as this package is straight-run. Our chickens are free-range and we love the crowing, so we welcome the colorful roosters. Do realize they crow from early to late!

Browsing the McMurray catalogue makes one dream of living the simple life and is sure to put a smile on your face when you see all that's available. An expensive set-up is, however, really not necessary but of course certain basics have to be in place. Return to top of the page.


American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy--http://albc-usa.org--is a nonprofit membership organization working to protect over 180 breeds of livestock and poultry from extinction. Included are asses, cattle, goats, horses, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.

Did you know that the Friesian horse has been included since the ALBC was founded? Back in the '90s our mare Sanne was part of an ALBC day at a historic Illinois farm. The Friesian has been moved up by ALBC to their Recovery list. A fun website to browse for ideas on special livestock. Return to top of the page.


Dogs and Cats

When looking for a dog or cat please consider visiting a local shelter and/or networking for people who need to part with a pet. It's affordable and helpful all in one.

We were lucky enough to be able to adopt our fabulous male German Shepard and couldn't have asked for a better dog.

For our barn cats we were connected with the local shelter in Sulphur Springs TX (903-438-9369) and adopted the cutest kittens. It is sad to see how many need a home. We prefer taking in and raising kittens rather than the adults that are often feral so you end up with loveable, tame cats, which makes it much easier to care for them and it is adorable how they decorate the farm by staying close all on their own. As part of our Friesian clinic series we make a donation to the SS shelter from the clinics' proceeds. Return to top of the page.


Care Taking

Everything needs tlc. It is important to know what care something requires. The good news is that most animals and crops basically need the same sort of care and often products can be used for different things/ animals even if it's not labeled/marketed as such, which makes it easier to arrange, schedule, and pay for, but be sure to check into the uses with an expert first.

Another good thing is that you really don't need the taj mahal to get started and you can grow into the country dream a little at a time, starting with natural simplicity. Return to top of the page.


Job Assignment

Although the country life conjures up images of peacefulness, it is hard work and it's easy to go hog wild on dreamy projects.

We find it is best to be practical and think about what one truly gets into. Ask yourself if the project serves a purpose (especially if the farm is a business) and if it can piggyback on what else one already does and has available in terms of logistics, if starting small with the opportunity to mature is an option, as well as if it may conflict with any activities, practicalities, laws, and goals. Return to top of the page.


Free 'Gold' for the Garden

We have a wonderful, aged manure pile consisting of fully decomposed, black, soil-like manure (started with pure horse manure) that provides great food for flowers, trees/shrubs, and vegetable gardens. It's free if you pick it up. E-mail us if you need some. Return to top of the page.

Texas Wildlife & Fun Facts

After initially experiencing culture shock, we have fallen in love with Texas, and think we live in the best part: northeast Texas.

Depending on what one is used to, we have some pretty wild wildlife here, which we very much enjoy, even if sometimes they are a pest and we at times have to work around them.

Some of the critters we regularly see on or near the property are: deer, coyotes (they will howl right close to the house in the woods), hogs, beavers, snakes, road runners, raccoons, bobcats, bats (the State's Flying Mammal), armadillos (State Small Mammal), colorful butterflies (State butterfly often seen is the Monarch), hummingbirds, the pretty, red Cardinal birds, and of course the State Bird: the Mockingbird. There are also dangerous spiders and scorpions but luckily we haven't seen much of them so far. Unfortunately, abandoned dogs often run around.

Don't forget to enjoy the view of ranches with the State's Large Mammal: the Texas longhorn. We are close to Lake Fork, known worldwide for championship fishing competitions for the State Fish: Bass. And yes, we have oil derricks pumping with Southfork Ranch of the famous soap 'Dallas' not far away.

As for vegetation the Texas State Tree is the Pecan tree. The Texas State Plant is the Prickly Pear Cactus and they sure grow hog wild once you have them. Much can grow in Texas. Unfortunately the infamous 'sticker tree' and burr plant also grow rampant if you let them. Northeast Texas used to be all trees and if land is neglected it will quickly overgrow.

In addition Texas is known for its gorgeous abundance of wildflowers. It depends on the weather pattern each year how much and what blooms but when it's just the right year it's an amazing, ground-covering bouquet. The Texas State Flower is the adorable Bluebonnet, which provides us with breathtaking fields of blue in the spring.

We thoroughly enjoy this website with easy-to-read info on everything Texas (and all the other states): http://www.enchantedlearning.com/usa/states/texas/.

When considering Texas do keep the long, hot, humid summers, intense sunshine, drought spells intermingled with heavy rainfalls (flash flooding), and the occasional wild storms (chance of hurricanes and tornadoes) in mind. Supposedly we have four seasons but that is more like: December, January, February, and summer. As it's said: 'It's mind over matter, if you don't mind, it don't matter.' Return to top of the page.


Future Projects

We are excited about various future project, which we think will also benefit others. Updates as we progress.



(Photo header: the Black Magic Team. Anneke on her sale horse Rudy on the left.

Return to top of the page.

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