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Anneke with her stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger.

Ride a Friesian at our farm!

Join us.

Browse the DVD & Tack Shop.

Want to exchange a link, advertise, put your banner in our arena or have us include your info in our visitor packages?

Affordable, often even FREE. Some restrictions apply.
E-mail/click for inquiries.

El Sueno Espanol: top quality keuring and baroque tack.

Special discount for members of Anneke's Friesians!

Free barn cats & kittens

from Sulphur Springs TX Animal Control. Free adoption. Donations so much appreciated.

Call (903) 438-9369.

Equine art, Apparel and Gifts of the Romantic Breeds by Dianne Diakowicz.

Fit, Style, Comfort, and Durability for The freedom to move.

Nationwide roadside & trailering assistance, 1-800-844-1409,

Superior Equine Grooming Products ... Since 1938!

What Friesian is the right one? When shopping for a Friesian--especially when unfamiliar with the breed--build up reference material by sample riding several of ours. For more info visit the Lesson & Visit pageor e-mail us.

Truck plates for our Dodge truck from:

Sulphur Springs Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

Favorite dealership where we bought and service our truck.

We take our Friesians to Liefie Li Vine restaurant in historic Winnsboro TX.

South African cuisine, Texas wine, gifts. Our favorite place to eat with an apple for the horses!


Anneke is the provider of the simultaneous translation in English at the annual KFPS Stallion Show in Leeuwarden.

The power of Faith and Prayer is also much needed to survive the Friesian world.
Yesss, a Friesian graces the cover of the Joel Osteen dvd depicted in the header!
Are you faced with stress, unsure of the future, discouraged, under pressure, under attack, unsure of how you will reach your dreams? No wonder in this world, including the horse/Friesian world. We lived it, are living it, we know it, took years off as a sabbatical, and work on the Journey daily. It's nothing new and you too can work through it.
Envision, selectively embrace, be willing to let go in order to grow ('pruning'), push on, don't look back, get back up when you fall, love out loud, and Believe. All the answers are found in the Good News and the best news is that it works but mostly that is the fight itself.
Our Friesians are assistant witnesses for us, and we also credit the breed as a Gift for having been the driving force throughout already 34 years time in the breed. This page is inspired by our ster gelding Meine v.d. Slothoeve. We are not a Ministry as there are plenty of great ones out there but we share our Friesians for the Good News in private settings.
Ministry will energize you every day, any time of the day. Start strong to face the day and finish strong so you can get the rest you need.
Some of our favorite daily helpings come from: Bishop T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Gregory Dickow, Jimmy and Karen Evans, Ed Young, Mark Jeske, Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah, Robert Morris, Joel Osteen, and there are many more great preachers. Their teachings are amazing. What we like best is that their broadcasts are educational and inspirational and do not include what we consider 'over-the-top.'
Trials and tribulations are part of life and making it through is a Testament. Every day is a test as well as a gift. We can choose how we take our daily bread; it truly is beautiful what Christ showed us. It is our sincerest goal to grow in and praise the Lord, encourage and inspire, one step at a time, and o yes, it takes daily practice and great humility.
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