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33 years of Friesian Love and time in the breed. On this page we provide in brief how we fell in love with the KFPS Friesian back in The Netherlands in 1981, which is the reason why we are & remain committed for life.
Are you in love with the Friesian breed, want to spend time with them, and learn about these mesmerizing horses?
We hope to inspire with the genuine, heartfelt ways in which we share our Friesians with others, helping you navigate the KFPS Friesian world (see the Lesson and visit page). Water the seed of your dream and watch it grow.
Maybe you will even find your dream Friesian on the Herd & Sale Barn page.
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33 Years of Friesian Love
We had a blast going through old photo albums, back to where it all started. You may find a selection of scanned photos below this paragraph or click here.
Part 1 of the story about Anneke's Friesians can be viewed on the About Us page. Below we share the rest of the journey, which started in 1981.
Anneke's Friesians as a business (per 2005) was completely accidental, something we always dreamed about but never thought was attainable, not to mention that it has been an unimaginable experience, with many blessings for equally as many disasters. Keep reaching and things will happen!
Anneke's Friesians made our passion and experiences come full circle from hobby to full-time business but in recent years it also completely burnt us out in as far as that the horse world is no different than any other world and it became so toxic with egos and politics that we had to let go for a while and retreat in the horse barn on a sabbatical, still working in the background, to get back to the heart of it: Friesian love and blessings.
Our breed knowledge and language skills give us the responsibility to make no-nonsense, translated education available with factual information to demystify and dissect. We gladly continue to do so like we have for so many years before with our translation work, e-newsletter, and Friesians 101 page. 
Let's share some photos here and if you really want to know the nitty gritty read on below the photos.
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Anneke with then 17 year old Pitie/Petra (ster mare out of Ritske 202 pref) in 1982, riding through town and here in the driveway of her childhood home for a cookie for Pitie. Bareback, driving bridle with ropes as we didn't have the funds yet for real riding tack or clothing for that matter.

Anneke learning to drive with Pitie in 1982 in our childhood street in The Netherlands.

Anneke with then 2 year old Alice in 1983 (Pitie's daughter sired by Lammert 260 pref and our Sanne's mom, later a Lammert ster mare), riding bareback across the premises of Uddel where she made 1st premie and reserve youth champion. Notice the driving bit to save money.

More photos after more scanning.
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More History
Anneke was born and raised in The Netherlands and would ask for a pony since being able to talk. At the age of 8, riding lessons started. It was customary to take care of other people's horses in exchange for riding and so the search soon started for someone who would say 'yes.'
Back in 1981, we accidentally came across what was then a rare find, especially outside of the province of Friesland: two Friesians just down the road in the neighborhood; the grand dam of our Sanne at then age 16 (a ster Ritske mare named Pitie, called Petra) and the dam of our Sanne/Petra's weanling filly (a ster Lammert mare named Alice), thank you, Beerten family!
Friesian Love Fever set in immediately! Petra had been a working agricultural and carriage horse before she came to the Beerten family and was kind but also reserved from probably bad treatment in the past, had very modern conformation especially for that time, with an incredible willingness to work in spite of the wear and tear from a hard life, and a dislike for trucks and tractors, which made her prance beautifully when going through traffic.
KFPS published Phryso as a small, thin, black and white magazine-booklet throughout the '80s and we still have a stack of those treasured publications. We devoured them and quickly noticed patterns and breed traditions. We were hooked!
As Petra wasn't used as a riding horse and money was tight Anneke rode her bareback through town and the fields, with a harness bridle with ropes for reins, riding her and her filly to and from the far pasture bareback with a halter, tied together and a rope for reins. The breed's wonderful personality was obvious.
Anneke learned to 'break' horses by playing with Petra's filly Alice and over the years playfully trained her to ride, trail ride and even jump sizeable jumps. We went to keurings where Alice made 1st premie reserve youth champion, then 3rd premie stb, and on the second try Ster mare.
Did we ever get ridiculed for riding Friesians, not having the proper gear or our own horse but who cared: not us! For a couple of years, Anneke switched to riding KWPN warmbloods simply for being able to ride more at that barn, and that is where Anneke really learned how to 'break' horses by doing it a whole lot with horses that had barely been handled. It all went smoothly but it was completely unsupervised, unstructured, and could have been very dangerous. We clearly were naturals but never realized it was a special skill. In 1991, Anneke left for the United States.
Fast forward to 1995, when there was still no internet in common use and barely any Friesians in the U.S. Anneke accidentally came across the Hekstra's in Michigan, who referred to Fryslan Farm outside Chicago and the Friesians returned full force.
Our mare Sanne B. arrived fall 1997 from our Dutch hometown as a weanling. We really wanted a mare for breeding but meanwhile we love geldings and stallions just as much. Thank you, Hekstra Family and Fryslan Farm! The rest of our substantial Friesian resume from 1995 through now you may read on the About Us page.
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(Photo header: Anneke on her stallion Tropical Rider's Wieger, 2011.)
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